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The Flight of the Noldor Složeno 2015 Nahráno 2016

"The Oath"


The Oath
Alex Lewis


Em                                 D           Em
Father stood with the seven sons
           G                          D
In the torchlight upon Tirion
Em                               D                        Em
Red as blood their bright swords drawn
Oath that none shall break

Em                D              Em
Feanor to a madness come
           G               D
Upon Tuna in rebellion
Em                     D              Em
Banishment to break as one
Oath of deadly stake

Am                             Em
     We call the everlasting dark
     Am                   Em
To take us if we break our word    
      C        G
By Eru, Iluvatar
      D                               Em
Pursue with hate and vengeance
Am                   Em
Vala, Demon, Elf or Man
Am                   Em
Any creature great or small
C                                 G
Good or evil till the end of days
         D            Em
That keeps a silmaril
         Em          D      Em
That keeps a silmaril

Thus spoke Maedhros eldest son
Thus spoke Maglor greatest minstrel
Curufin and Celegorm
Caranthir and the twins

Many quailed to hear this done
Such an oath might not be broken
For no matter who was wronged
None might ever win

R:  We call the everlasting dark…

H7                    Em
Fingolfin and Turgon
H7                     Em
Spoke at once against
       A                        C
But Finarfin spoke softly
       G                         D
For wisdom and delay
    H7                Em
Galadriel and Fingon
              H7                     Em
Were minded both to leave
A                   C
No oath did either swear
       G                              D
But departed without grief

A: Father stood with the seven sons…

B: Feanor to a madness come…

H7                    C
Nay let us be gone!
        H7             C
We delay overlong
G                         D
Lands beyond desiring
       H7                         C
The Noldor now did long

R:  We call the everlasting dark…
….that keeps a silmaril (4x) 


Autor hudby

Alex Lewis Alex Lewis

Autoři textu

Alex Lewis Alex Lewis

Daniela Binderová Daniela Binderová


autor: Alex Lewis,
překlad: Daniela Binderová
písňový cyklus: The Flight of the Noldor (Útěk Noldor)
nahráno: 9. – 10. 04. 2016 

kytary (3): Vojtěch Domin (Bardě)
cajón: Michal Kára (Lemming)
zpěv vypravěč: Eliška Nejedlá (Elsa)
zpěv vypravěč a Fëanor: Vojtěch Domin (Bardě)
zpěv sbor (Fëanorovi synové): David Beneš (Lokýt), Jaroslav Samoel (Sam), Ondřej Janovský (Nerion), Vojtěch Domin (Bardě) 

aranžmá kytar: Vojtěch Domin (Bardě)
aranžmá cajónu: Michal Kára (Lemming)
aranžmá hlasů: Eliška Nejedlá (Elsa)
mix a mastering: Vlastimil Červenka