Namárië / Cuiviénen Elfská I. věk

Fauns Složeno 2007 Nahráno 2013


Endless night, not sun nor moon
was born, when deep in Arda’s womb
the Elves awoke under the stars
and dwelt there in the dark
beside lake Cuiviénen’s shores,
the children of the light.
And shadows gathered to their doom,
hidden by the night.

Down at the lake overshadowed by trees
we glanced at the sky from shadowless leas
and drank from the waters reflecting the stars,
and our songs were of light, for we dreaded the dark.
For those who did wander in the twilight alone
were never seen again, and their fate is unknown.
So we gathered in silence as darkness crept near;
no longer could beautiful songs heal our fear.

Upon Cuiviénen the stars brightly shone
as we first opened our eyes and we sang the first song;
yet the sky now is clouded, silver leaves become dark
and the stars cease to shine; fear clutches our hearts.

But behold! - there a rider appeared in the night,
his hair shining golden and with eyes gleaming bright.
And some welcomed him gladly, some hid filled with awe,
and a dark shadow fled from the silver-lit shore.
‘O firstborn of Eru, lo! I bring you word
of the Valar, the Lords of the West,
who will gladly receive you to live as their guests
in the shadowless lands of the bless’d.’

Thus he spoke and we sensed Eru's will in his words,
therefore many were willing to part.
Yet others there were who still would refuse,
for dark fear overshadowed their hearts.

‘O follow me now to that land in the West
lit by stars and the light of Two Trees,
where the Valar will welcome you warmly as guests
in their land far beyond the great seas.’

Standing at the shore with a veil upon my eyes,
knowing we’ll be gone long before the fire dies.
Darkness lies ahead and there’s fear within my heart,
yet there’s no regret, for I know that we must part.

Thus we leave these dooméd lands
long before the first day’s dawning,
following the Vala’s light,
and the forest sighs in mourning.

O ye Elves who stay behind,
know that still a hope remainés
for a day when you will follow –
may this not be the last farewell
the last farewell – the last farewell…
Farewell – namárie!


Autoři hudby

Jan-Peer H. Jan-Peer H.

Nils H. Nils H.

Falk H. Falk H.

Maja L., Paul L., Stefan E.

Autor textu

Kirsten M. Kirsten M.


Hudba: Jan-Peer H.; Text: Kirsten M. 
Maria H. - klávesy
Kirsten M. - zpěv
Hudba: Jan-Peer H., Nils H., Falk H., Maja L., Paul L., Stefan E.; Text: Kirsten M. 

Tom G. - kytara
Maria H. - klávesy
Kirsten M. - zpěv, flétna 
Jan-Peer H. - kytara
Nils H. - percussion 
Falk H. - basová kytara 

koncert TolkienCon 2013, vydáno 28. července 2013